Automates security and trust to protect an organization and its resources from being in harm’s way.


Our standard configuration successfully combines two factors, namely face recognition and an RFID security credential to deliver fast and effective access control. TES offers state of the art performance for false accept, false reject and throughput as measured by people per hour. By leveraging the maturation of face recognition algorithms and RFID technology, this innovative combination of two powerful ideas yields the strongest possible security available per dollar of investment.

TES represents the next generation in automation to eliminate fraud and human error associated with protection of valuable resources. It is an easy to use system. Users are checked by TES typically in less than one second, and unlike fingerprint recognition devices, there is no need to touch the system or manipulate any user interface or read any text. Everything about TES is intuitive and designed for use of ease on the user community. It is an organic system that can accommodate weight gain or loss and other aging effects, thereby eliminating frequent re registration to keep the system operational as its users evolve over time.

Built-in logic such as First Person Delay ensures business rules are enforced. Event notification for reporting incidents also makes management of security exceptions as straight forward and valuable as getting email on your phone!

Your Biometric data is never stored in an enterprise database. Consequently, there is no risk for large scale identity theft. The BIOmash engine allows the security credential to be cancelled without risk at any time. TES provides functionality and ease of use.


Powered by the BIOmash engine for award winning accuracy and reliability, it features:

  • Platform to automate up to 256 levels of TRUST for every hour of the week

  • Multi-factor authentication for all major modalities of security (RFID, Face Recognition, IRIS, Thermal Signatures, Voice, Fingerprint and Pin PAD

  • Stand alone or enterprise connectivity

  • Central database not required which makes it easy to scale and eliminates identity theft

  • Fully automatic, no touchpad menu to slow down operation or burden users with a menu or language to learn

  • Simply present your face and card

  • TES verifies or denies access in less time than it takes to start your car

  • On-site support and 24 x 7 service plans for mission critical operation


TES protects your areas of interest.
The key benefits are:

  • Elimination of direct labor and attendant possibility of human error or fraud.

  • Availability of forensic data for post modem analysis to ensure the negative outcomes from a system’s breach are minimized or eliminated all together.

  • Because there is no central database to hack, users of TES can never be subject to litigation requiring disclosure as a result of a database being compromised!