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Take a look at our line up and you will see modular solutions which compliment and build on one another, guaranteeing more performance for your applications and making the most of your dollars spent.

Our solutions deliver breakthroughs in real time situational awareness, environmental conditions, security, surveillance, asset tracking, document management and counterfeit prevention. Workflow is optimized to increase productivity while also protecting your enterprise from shrinkage and other loss.


RFID and RTLS in health care represent a breakthrough for the regulations and issues affecting the industry. These technologies offer significant benefits to the health care industry in terms of ensuring patient safety, improving supply chain efficiency, tracking drug usage throughout the clinical phase testing protocols and improved visibility into turns enabling faster redeployment.



Significant business value can be gained by deploying RFID and RTLS technology in manufacturing. Precise, real time situational awareness yields tangible benefits in manufacturing performance. Synchronizing an RFID enabled plant floor with the RFID driven supply network allows a manufacturer to achieve just in time production. RFID information can be used to ensure that the correct labor, machine, tooling, consumables and bill of materials are available and ready to use at each processing step, thereby eliminating paperwork, error and reducing downtime.



RFID and RTLS sensor technologies are powerful ingredients to enhance logistics. Precise, real time monitoring of logistics yields tangible benefits in supply chain performance. Across industry, companies with better logistics granularity achieve better demand forecast accuracy, have 15% less inventory, 17% better perfect order ratings and 35% shorter cash to cash cycle times than their peers (AMR Research report “The Hierarchy of Supply Chain Metrics: diagnosing your supply chain health,” February 2004). Turbo charging logistics with RFID and RTLS has also shown to improve bottom line financial and market performance. Today’s competitive environment makes RFID and RTLS a must have for best of breed infrastructure.



Retailers and their customers will benefit immensely from adopting RFID. ARS’ TrackStar platform delivers revolutionary benefits for cycle counting, inventory accuracy, shelf availability, sales lift and reduction of out of stocks. We can help you deploy where it counts most … highly replenishable items that are “you” intensive!



TrackStar provides the automated visibility needed to streamline everyday tracking of all materials, equipment and personnel in the oil and gas industry. From the off shore oil rig to the refinery, RFID gives energy producers the tools to maximize uptime, respond faster to day to day business needs, restore production more rapidly in the event of an incident and improve worker safety.



ARS RFID and RTLS systems offer a compelling value proposition when success hinges on timely and error free delivery of product through a complex, high value supply chain. Initially in this fast paced competitive environment, proper infrastructure maintenance, as well as inventory and asset management are mission critical for business health and employee safety. ARS specializes in tracking, monitoring and managing the 4 Ps of today’s business ecosystem. The 4 Ps stand for people, paper, products and procedures. Master minding the 4 Ps is easy when RFID and RTLS technologies are handled by TrackStar. ARS’ TrackStar platform makes it easy to track assets, workers, asset maintenance histories and even the production and distribution of product in far flung operations.


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