CEO & Founder

Prior to founding American RFID Solutions LLC, Mr. Clampitt held technology and leadership roles in early stage companies through Fortune 500 companies. Over the years his professional positions have covered diverse responsibilities such as Chief Engineer, General Manager, VP of Sales & Marketing, VP of Quality, CTO, COO, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board. Technology sectors have included Cellular, RFID, Telecommunications aka Public Switched Telephone Network and Software.

With several books to his credit, numerous inventions (50+ patent claims) and over 20 years experience, Mr. Clampitt loves to think and innovate. In 2010, Harold was a featured speaker at the prestigious TED event focusing on ideas worth sharing. His talk can be seen on YouTube. Mr. Clampitt’s inventions are wide ranging and include: optimizing Cellular system capacity using empirical data for Signal to Noise Ratio and Call Quality; Kalman filtering of Loran C for vehicle navigation, embedded systems for real time multi-media broadcasting to TVs/LCDs, iPhone controller for a LLRP RFID system; in the field of Near Field propagation and Biometrics his team built the world’s first On-the-Fly RFID facial recognition system; in Telecommunications he devised computerized provisioning for Class 5 Central Offices call carrying components such as fiber optic trunks.

He has been a keynote speaker around the world with talks at the University of Chicago, Institute of Information Technology in Pune India, the China RFID Forum in Beijing and the Institute of Engineering and Technology in Brunei. Mr. Clampitt has provided RFID policy briefs for government ministers in the ASEAN region. He has enjoyed professional recognition with articles in RFID Journal, usingRFID and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

One of Harold’s strengths is leveraging technology. He does this by combining innovation, theory and empirical data to yield break through results. Considered an expert at radio fingerprinting, Harold has made over 5 million measurements to characterize wireless propagation patterns. Using this knowledge Harold engineered custom antennas for challenging dielectric use cases. He has used empirical data to improve RFID Singulation performance and is a leader in optimizing parameters in the Q-slot Algorithm for ISO 18000 and EPC Gen 2. Harold’s engineering procedure for optimizing any type of read zone for any flavor of RFID is game changing. By integrating RFID with biometrics he dramatically improved false accept and false reject rates for next generation adaptive facial recognition.

Holds an EE degree, licensed Professional Engineer and MBA from the University of Chicago with a specialty in Finance. Outside of RFID, Harold is an avid competitor with championship finishes as a race driver in the Baja 1000 off-road circuit and as a pilot for races sanctioned by the National Balloon Federation of America. Having lived in three different countries and running business operations in Europe and the Asia Pacific rim gives Harold a unique international perspective. As a long term contributor to the Smile Train charity he has helped many children receive corrective surgery to enjoy a beautiful smile.

Chief Solutions Architect

To compliment his EE degree from the American Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mr. Galarde completed the Kellogg Executive Management Program and is a Certified RFIDSCM (RFID Supply Chain Manager), Master Black Belt and ISO Lead Assessor. His deep RFID experience is supported by being a licensed amateur radio operator and experimenter since 1989, specializing in digital and analog logic in the HF and UHF bands. Dan loves RFID because it combines his engineering knowledge with his expertise in Quality and his hobby.

Comprehensive Hands-On RFID Experience Includes:

  • ETSI RFID Implementation: On-site customer experience to custom configure systems for European clients requiring the use of radio signal reflectors to gain sufficient link budget on the forward path to secure acceptable read rates.
  • CHINA RFID Implementation: Custom antennas for unique RFID read zone project in China having a demanding 60-foot read requirement for passive RFID to support a check out lane mode of operation.
  • MALAYSIA RFID Implementation: Experience in setting up an ASEAN company’s RFID infrastructure including supporting initial cutover of close proximity read zones to support a hospital ER mode of operation.
  • AMERICAS RFID Implementation: Hands on experience with customers ranging from Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Retailers, Franchise Stores, Steel Mills, Manufacturing, Prisons and Casinos.

Prior to joining American RFID Solutions LLC, Mr. Galarde successfully held Vice President positions in two Fortune 500 companies. He has received awards from the American Society for Quality for career achievements, special service, and appreciation. Dan is a proven change agent and coalition builder with superior skills in restructuring, re-engineering, and streamlining operations for implementing Lean Best Practices and Six Sigma Methodology where RFID is the enabling technology.


Prior to joining American RFID Solutions LLC, Mr. Policheri held technology leadership roles in several early stage technology companies. Mr. Policheri has successfully managed software development projects around the world covering a wide range of operating systems, programming languages, test beds and advanced team collaboration tools to span language and time zone barriers via a work force in USA, Russia, Romania, India, and Malaysia.

Considered an expert in software development, Jim has also helped with the applications engineering for real time RFID infrastructures. He has worked with all modalities of RFID and created enterprise scale solutions with advanced sequestering and load balancing techniques. Jim’s innovations were invaluable to create solutions capable of processing immense volumes of empirical data. Recently he has focused his talents to become a world class expert on LLRP, including best practices work on this subject for RFID reader manufacturers. In 2009 Jim’s team completed updating our TrackStar software to support LLRP. Mr. Policheri has created software for RFID devices using passive, semi passive and active technologies.

Mr. Policheri has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Secondary studies included applied mathematics and physics. Since College Jim has earned certifications and recognition from top companies such as Macromedia, Sun, Microsoft and Apple.

Recently Jim’s team leveraged his LLRP success and completed the first RFID iPhone application. It provides a mobile user friendly environment for our TrackStar software. Jim’s enthusiasm and dedication to stay a step ahead of the technology curve has helped position ARS as a thought and solution leader in RFID.

With several major software developments to his credit, numerous RFID inventions and over 10 years of experience, Mr. Policheri is sought after for his expertise on RFID. Recently, he was a featured speaker at Oakton College and can frequently be found contributing his knowledge across the growing RFID communities on the web.

Outside of RFID, Jim is an avid golfer who competes in local and regional tournaments.